Most of the brochures and other materials of Seta are available online free of charge. Most of the materials are available in Finnish only. Some are in Swedish (or also in Swedish). Here is a sample of our materials in English. Our other materials can be found here.



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Diversity Is In Us (2012)
Young LGBTQ people in Finland talk about their lives and diversity of gender and sexual orientation. Ida, Niko, Darja, Reiska, Petra, Pekka, Tiina and Eska share their thoughts on their family, relationships, bullying and support. They also talk about norms and how to break them.





YouTube: subtitles in English. Duration: 20 min.



Yhdenvertainen vanhuus -projektin videon kansikuvassa pariskunta pitää toisiaan kädestä kiinni.I Wish I Could Tell (2014)
The story of nine Finnish LGBTI seniors who ponder upon their childhood, youth and aging. They share also their thoughts and expectations about elderly care.





YouTube: subtitles in English. Duration: 20 min.


Hyvinvoiva sateenkaarinuori_KANSI_valk.indd Wellbeing of LGBTIQ Youth research project, summary of results [pdf]

Riikka Taavetti & Katarina Alanko & Lotte Heikkinen 2015.








julkaisut_muumikaNone of the above – Young Transgender and Intersex People´s Vision for 2020
[text here] and [pdf-version here]






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