Have you experienced or witnessed hate speech or harassment? We invite you to share your experiences!

Have you experienced or witnessed hate speech or harassment? We invite you to share your experiences!

Dear respondent,

The purpose of our survey is to get more information about hate speech and harassment: What kinds of hate speech or harassment have you experienced or noticed and how has it affected you and your loved ones?  Target groups of this survey are particularly the following minority groups: people whose mother tongue is not Finnish, foreign citizens or persons with immigrant backgrounds, Finnish-Swedish, Finnish Roma, Samis, disabled people, members of sexual and gender minorities, and members of religious minority groups.

By harassment we mean actions such as hurtful speech, e-mail messages, or gestures. By hate speech we mean an expression or speech that is expressed publicly (e.g. in a public place, on the Internet or in the media) with the intent to spread, provoke, maintain or justify hate towards minority groups or other groups of the population. You define what constitutes hate speech or harassment for you; what kinds of expressions or gestures you have found to be hurtful or threatening. For example, such actions may have influenced your feeling of safety.

A similar survey has been carried out in autumn 2015 as part of the activities of the system for monitoring discrimination. The results are published in the ”Survey on hate speech and harassment and their influence on different minority groups”-report. The aim of this survey is to show how hate speech and harassment are perceived by different minority groups. Another aim is to produce information about how hate speech and harassment influence feelings of safety among members of different minority groups. The survey is conducted by Owal Group Oy in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Justice.

The questionnaire responses will be handled confidentially and they will not be handed over to third parties. The survey report will be prepared in such a manner that no individual respondent can be identified. You can complete the survey questionnaire until 31 December 2017. The questionnaire is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. It will take about 10–20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

In English: https://www.research.net/r/vipueng

Suomeksi: https://fi.research.net/r/vipu2017

På svenska: https://fi.research.net/r/vipusv


For further information about the survey, please contact:

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