Queering Sápmi kerää saamelaisten tarinoita

Ruotsalainen Queering Sápmi -projekti etsii saamelaisia queer-ihmisiä ja heidän tarinoitaan projektissa, jonka tarkoitus on monipuolistaa kuvaa saamelaisesta identiteetistä ja pohtia elämistä vähemmistöön kuuluvana vähemmistöyhteisön sisällä. Seta on projektin yhteistyökumppani. Tässä tietoa projektista englanniksi ja yhteystiedot.

Queering Sápmi project – life stories from a minority in a minority

Queering Sápmi is a storytelling project. What´s it like to be a minority in a minority? The purpose is to increase the image of sami identity, among both sami and non-sami community.

We want to start the fight for human rights among queer persons that happen to be sami.

Now we look for participants! We want to get in contact with queer sami persons that challenge norms about gender, sexuality and identity in some kind of way.

Are you a woman who works in a stereotypically male business? Are you a man who behave in a normative female way? Or are you gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender?

We believe that all people break and experience the limitations of norms some time in their life. It is just a matter of talking about it and asking our selves why we let norms negatively define our space of acting in our own life. We believe that Sápmi only can get stronger if everybody are free to live their life as they really are, regardless of sexuality, gender expression or gender.

How is it to break the norms in Sápmi? Do different identities scuff or enrich each other? What are the consequences of different identities meeting and bumping into one another? What space is there to break the norms in a group where norms and traditions are important to maintain and create belonging and unity?

For two years Elfrida Bergman, culture analyst, and Sara Lindquist, photographer, travel around Sápmi and the four countries of Sweden, Norway, Russia and Finland to meet people and gather stories. The purpose is to produce a book and an international exhibition with life stories and photographs about queer sami experiences.

Do you want to participate? Choose your way, and remember that it is possible to write to us in your own language.

Either: Email us at queeringsapmi@gmail.com and share your personal story from when you broke boundaries, limits or expectations of how to be a man/woman, heterosexual/queer, sami/not sami.


Contact us to book an interview where you can share your life story directly to us. You will then get more information. And of course – it is possible to be anonymous.

Send your life story or announce your interest to:
or phone us at
+46 709 38 14 75
+46 736 55 51 85

You can also find us at http://queeringsapmi.com, in facebook: http://www.facebook.com/qsapmi and on Twitter: twitter.com/queeringsapmi

The project is managed by the Swedish youth sami organization Saminuorra and the theatre Ögonblicksteatern in Umeå, Sweden.

We cooperate with:

Noereh! – norwegian sami youth
Ögonblicksteatern i Umeå/Västerbottens Museum
jätte, Svenskt fjäll- och samemuseum
Barents youth cooperation office
Seta RF – Sexuellt likaberättigande i Finland
Trikster – Nordiskt webbmagasin med ett queerperspektiv
Coming out Sankt Petersburg
Centre for Development of international cooperatin in the sphere of education and culture – Russia
Gay Russia
Riddu Riddu – internationell urfolksfestival
Giron Sami Teater

The project is financed by Länstyrelsen i Västerbotten, Nordic culture fond and Region Västerbotten.

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